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Este site faz parte da História de uma Grande fábrica de Bordados da Ilha da Madeira.

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Embroidery Since 1917

Bordado Madeira desde 1917
Oliveiras Factory Embroidery History, since 1917

Kings of Spain

Reis de Espanha na Ilha da Madeira, Visitaram Exposição de Bordado e Vinho Madeira
Kings of Spain in the Madeira Island to invitation of Cavaco Silva, They visited Exhibition of João Egídio on Embroidery and Wine Madeira

Wine Shop

Alfândega Velha Wine Shop, Embroideries and Souveniers Print E-mail
Alfândega VelhaThe Alfândega Velha is located in Rua da Alfândega, 9 B, in the center of Funchal historical zone near the Cathedral.

His privileged location matches the refinement and quality of its products.

In this space, the clients find all the fortified and table Madeira Wines.

The Alfândega Velha gathering a noble collection of national wines, in partnership with the FRE Wines - Lda, using high standart criteria to select the principal brands of each wine-producing region of Portugal.

But, the Alfândega Velha is also a space of good taste for buying Madeira Embroidery.

Here, one can find some of the most creative pieces of the Oliveiras Bordados collection, allusive to the theme of wine.