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Este site faz parte da História de uma Grande fábrica de Bordados da Ilha da Madeira.

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Embroidery Since 1917

Bordado Madeira desde 1917
Oliveiras Factory Embroidery History, since 1917

Kings of Spain

Reis de Espanha na Ilha da Madeira, Visitaram Exposição de Bordado e Vinho Madeira
Kings of Spain in the Madeira Island to invitation of Cavaco Silva, They visited Exhibition of João Egídio on Embroidery and Wine Madeira


Celebrity and Customers
Kings of Spain in Madeira Island Print E-mail
Reis de Espanha na Madeira a convite de Cavaco SilvaKings of Spain visit the Madeira to invitation of Cavaco Silva.

They visited the Exhibition of João Egídio after the Lunch in the Institute of the Wine.

Antónia de Jesus Montes Tonicha Print E-mail
TonichaAntónia de Jesus Montes Tonicha – Popular Portuguese Singer - was born in the city of Beja on the 8th of March of 1946.

Has visited the Oliveira’s in all of her visits to Madeira Island.
Maria de Jesus Simões Barroso Soares Print E-mail
Maria BarrosoMaria de Jesus Simões Barroso Soares, Former Presidente Mario Soares wife was born in Fuzeta on the 2nd of May of 1925, was the First Lady of Portugal from 1986 to 1996 and has visited not only the Bazaar Oliveiras, as well as, Arte Ricamo, getting among varied embroidery items several handkerchiefs with the “M” Inscription for “Mário”.

Artur Agostinho Print E-mail
Artur AgostinhoArtur Agostinho – Famous Jornalist and Radio and TV presenter - was born on the 25th December of 1920.

Visited the Fabric Oliveiras together with his wife, becoming a regular.
Actriz Zsa Zsa Gabor Print E-mail
Zsa Zsa GaborZsa Zsa Gabor, Born on Feb. 6th, of 1917 in Budapest, has visited the Oliveiras during a passage of a Cruise Ship with the direction to the United States.
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