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Este site faz parte da História de uma Grande fábrica de Bordados da Ilha da Madeira.

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Embroidery Since 1917

Bordado Madeira desde 1917
Oliveiras Factory Embroidery History, since 1917

Kings of Spain

Reis de Espanha na Ilha da Madeira, Visitaram Exposição de Bordado e Vinho Madeira
Kings of Spain in the Madeira Island to invitation of Cavaco Silva, They visited Exhibition of João Egídio on Embroidery and Wine Madeira


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Bordado Madeira / Embroidery MadeiraMadeira Embroidery exists since the start of population process of the archipelago; but it was only since the 2nd half of the 19th Century that this hand made product started to be recognised as a merchandise for the trade between Madeira Island and the outside world. It was only then, that Madeira Embroidery started to be included on families’ economy.

This circumstance was consider to be an initiative of Miss Phelps, she always fallowing the Traditions, was responsible for Introducing the Madeira Embroidery to the British Market and since then this home hand made product gained the dimension of an Industrial market product.

The embroidery business acquired new dynamics with the beginning of “Casas de Bordados” and the local sales people. The businessman travelled abroad and specialised themselves on the Trade. Giving place to a dramatic change on it’s productive sector. The warranty of continuity, the fabrication process and the product rotation started to be granted by the “Casas de Bordados” and this business started to be in the eye of English, German, American and Syrian concurrence, the embroidered pieces were conducted from a handy-crafted to an Industrial Process.

The Embroidery stopped to be only a free creation of the “Bordadeiras” and started to be a creation of a skilled embroidery designer and then to become the Masterpieces of the “Bordadeiras” hands.

The World lived difficult times on the 1st half of the 20th Century with the 2 World Wars; that made the economy and business to complete paralyse. Nevertheless, Madeira Embroidery and Madeira Wine were kept struggling to survive on the local market, those being the products that still identify Madeira all over the world

While there his who values the needles work Madeiras Embroidery will not concede his existence.
Even, nowadays, passed the moments of glory of Madeiras embroidery, the Island continues to be identified by the fame of its Products - Madeira Embroidery and Wine.

Madeira’s Embroidery has only changed the possibility of access to this truly pieces of Art.