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Este site faz parte da História de uma Grande fábrica de Bordados da Ilha da Madeira.

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Embroidery Since 1917

Bordado Madeira desde 1917
Oliveiras Factory Embroidery History, since 1917

Kings of Spain

Reis de Espanha na Ilha da Madeira, Visitaram Exposição de Bordado e Vinho Madeira
Kings of Spain in the Madeira Island to invitation of Cavaco Silva, They visited Exhibition of João Egídio on Embroidery and Wine Madeira
Fashion Designer Mara Rodrigues Collection Print E-mail
The Oliveiras, one of the most prestige Name on the Embroidery business in Madeira; Oliveiras gave a step forward when recently associated its name to Mara Rodrigues, the fashion designer, with the purpose to create a line of modern and sophisticated clothes, in which the embroidery appears like a surplus value of the product.

Any exclusive piece signed by Mara Rodrigues Collection, such as: Wedding-dresses, Christening gowns, sophisticated blouses and dresses, can be purchased in one of the following four Places: - Salão de Vendas Oliveiras , Arte Ricamo , Bazar OliveirasAlfândega Velha Wine Shop, Bordados e Souveniers.