Sexta, 22 Março 2019
Este site faz parte da História de uma Grande fábrica de Bordados da Ilha da Madeira.

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Embroidery Since 1917

Bordado Madeira desde 1917
Oliveiras Factory Embroidery History, since 1917

Kings of Spain

Reis de Espanha na Ilha da Madeira, Visitaram Exposição de Bordado e Vinho Madeira
Kings of Spain in the Madeira Island to invitation of Cavaco Silva, They visited Exhibition of João Egídio on Embroidery and Wine Madeira


Presentation & Certification Print E-mail
Certificado IVBAM Finally the pieces are nicely folded and prepared for the certification to be sold on the shop. But this can only be done after the embroidery piece has been to the IVBAM (Instituto do Vinho, Bordado e Artesanato da Madeira) that is the Institute for Wine, Embroidery and Handicraft of Madeira for being certified of its Authenticity and Originality.

It is worth to mention that all embroidery pieces are sealed and stamped by the IVBAM if are accordingly with Its Quality Criteria, on materials and fabrics used and if it was manufactured in the Autonomous Region of Madeira.