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New shop allied the embroidery to the wine, creating a new concept in the regional market
It dates: 09-06-2008

The Oliveira Bordados and the enterprise ' FRE ' joined and launched a new concept on the market of a shop of Regional articles with Madeira embroidery allied to the regional and national Wines.

Located in Rua da Alfândega, this new place is called a Alfândega Velha Wine Shop Bordados e Souvenirs and, according to the managers it is focused for the marketing of wines and when Madeira Embroideries with allusive themes to the wine.

The idea, accordingly to Sr. Egídio Oliveira it is to try to create a perfect symbioses between the embroidery and the wine, increasing the sales of both, with special attention for the noble Local, Regional and National Wines,. Besides that, Sr. Egídio Oliveira is waiting for the opening of this shop in order to enforce a new dynamic to this traditional Street Rua da Alfândega, which movement has been coming to decrease along the last years.

Very much though the wine is the dominant product in this space, being available several brands and wine origins, namely of the Douro, Alentejo, Dão, Estremadura, Ribatejo, Cartaxo, Beiras, Oporto and Terras do Sado, here the client can find also typical regional sweets and souvenirs.

The embroidery is also always present, creating so a different environment from the remaining shops on this market.

Óscar de Freitas Branco in

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