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Oliveiras Bordados invests in Wine Print E-mail
New shop in Rua da Alfandega openes tomorrow the (30.05.2008)

The Embroideries Oliveiras started to diversify its activity and is opening a wine shop.
The inauguration of this space with 62 square metres and with wines of most of the regions of Portugal will be tomorrow, day 30, at 18h00.

One of the persons in charged for the Company António Gomes d'Oliveira, Sucrs. Lda., Sr. Egídio Oliveira, explains that this is a step forward in the activity of “Bordados Oliveira”, Nevertheless it does intend, to neglect the past and the tradition of Oliveiras Embroideries.

The fact is that, in spite of the new shop, which is going to be called Alfândega Velha Wine Shop Bordados and Souveniers, to be focused essentially for the marketing of wines, It will have also have Madeira Embroidered pieces to sale, that always with allusive drawings to the wine

«We want to creat a symbiosis completed between two products », explains Egídio Oliveira, thinking that the two combine « very well ». Even so, the wine will be the great protagonist in this shop. The Madeiran, and the Mainland wines.»

«We want to tie our table wines to the known Portuguese table wines, in order to have an diversified offer for the locals and the foreigners», the person in charge justifies.
In the shop there are going to be for sale white, red and fortified wines of the mainland Portugal. In the Alfândega Velha Wine Shop Embroideries and Souveniers there are going to be represented the Douro Region, the Alentejo, the Dão, the Estremadura, the Ribatejo, the Cartaxo, the Beiras, Oporto and the Terras do Sado. And "all" types of fortified Madeira Wine the red and the white produced on the Autonomous Region of the Madeira.

Accordingly to Egídio Oliveira, the shop will have the top wines, the intermediate level and some of low price. This way, he believes that the shop is accessible to the great part of the Local people, though most of the exposed wines are of high and middle-high quality.

Confident in the project, Egídio Oliveira believes that this shop is going to bring also a new energy and activity to «not much dynamic» Rua da Açfândega.

Alberto Pita in

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